COVID-19 Information

  • Our office is committed to caring for all of our patients during the COVID-19 Pandemic. We have instituted frequent and thorough cleaning of points of contact in the office as well as disinfecting exam rooms between patients.  
  • If your child is sick, especially with fever and cough, please call our office to discuss his/her symptoms so that an appropriate appointment can be made.  
  • Whenever possible, we strongly encourage you NOT to bring well siblings, grandparents or extra support persons to your child's appointment. 
  • If you or your child is sick or coughing please let us know prior to entering the office so that we may provide you with a mask.  
  • We are currently doing infant and toddler well visits in the morning.  We will continue to properly immunize this vulnerable population against vaccine-preventable diseases which are as great a concern as the current COVID-19 infection. We will not schedule any sick patients during these morning hours. 
  • In order to limit the time that any family spends in the waiting room or exam room we will require that all historical information for sick visits and well visits be emailed to us PRIOR to the visit. Our staff will email you  the appropriate questionnaire at the time of scheduling the appointment.